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Show and Tell

Have you noticed that lately every other movie that comes to the theaters is in 3D? Toy Story. Avatar. Resident Evil. No genre is immune the 3D explosion.

And now, it seems advertising is jumping on the 3D bandwagon.

Case in point? A Wonderbra billboard currently hanging in London. The ad features Brazilian model Sabraine Banando displaying her assets with the headline “Experience the Full Effect.”

Does the image look blurry to you? Well, that’s because if you just happen to pass this billboard and have your 3D goggles handy (and who doesn’t?), the ad will appear in 3D. Yup, that’s right. Sabraine’s boobs will show you exactly how a Wonderbra can make your boobs pop.

It’s an interesting idea, and it plays off the growing trend of 3D movies. But some people seem to think it’s going to cause car accidents. Maybe so. Maybe a bigger concern is, who carries around 3D glasses with them at all times? And at the end of the day, a 3D billboard without 3D glasses is just a blurry image that’s guaranteed to give you a headache.



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