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How low can you go?

Remember those commercials for U by Kotex that I loved? The ones that mock everything we’ve come to expect from a tampon or pad commercial? Well, now Tampax is coming back and mocking U by Kotex.

In this magazine ad for, a pretty blonde girl is limbo-ing on the beach. In a white bikini. Surrounded by a sea of other attractive people. We’ve got pretty much all the stereotypes that U by Kotex mocks in their ad campaign…all wrapped up in one little magazine ad. Aren’t you relieved that you’re not the only one who loves to limbo when it’s that time of month?

The copy reads:

“At a moment like this, I don’t care if my tampons came in a little black box. I just want ‘em to work.”

The little black box the ad is referring to? The distinctive black packaging that U by Kotex pads, tampons and liners arrive in.

I don’t use either of these brands, so Tampax may very well be the superior product. And I’m totally on board with Tampax’s copy about wanting your feminine hygiene products to work well when you need them most. But when it comes to advertising and creativity? U by Kotex is clearly the winner. I’ll take non-nonsense over cheesy any day.



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