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Now that’s refreshing!

In a world full of celebrities that have big heads and take themselves way too seriously (ahem, Charlie Sheen anyone?), Ellen DeGeneres is different. She’s fun. She’s a breath of fresh air. She’s…refreshing. Refreshing like a tall glass of water. Or, say…a nice bottle of VitaminWater. What a perfect pairing!

The ad is primarily black and white with a splash of color—and the star of the show is obviously the product. The copy? Simple and playful.

Tasty for your tongue.

Vitamins for your body.

(and zero calories to go crazy about)

VitaminWater’s parent company, Glaceau, is fond of simple, clean ads. Remember the SmartWater campaign featuring Jennifer Anniston? Also black and white with just a splash of bright color. Also simple.

Even the company’s website is refreshingly simple. Simple imagery. Simple copy.

Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t take herself too seriously. By choosing Ellen as their spokesperson, VitaminWater is proving they don’t take themselves too seriously either. And in a world where everything’s always so serious…that’s seriously refreshing.



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Please be our friend

Sometimes when I see a magazine ad or a TV commercial, I like to imagine the brainstorming session at the ad agency where the concept was born.

Take this ad for Glade’s limited edition “Sparkle of Spring” fragrance. There’s an executive from Glade who says, “Hey. Social media is really cool right now.  Let’s incorporate it into the ad so people perceive our company as really cool and cutting edge. What? Social media has nothing to do with the product and doesn’t tie into the visual at all? So what. People will think we’re cool.

And the copy is born:

“If all the season were into social networking, bet spring would have more “likes” on her updates.”

I love the visual and the packaging design. It’s bright, fun and different than the pastel shades and traditional flowery images that I associate with air fresheners. But the copy definitely leaves something to be desired.

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Markers are Romantic

When I worked at an ad agency, we did a warm-up exercise during a meeting where we had to think of as many different features of a simple #2 pencil as we could during a set time period. Then, we had to think of how those features served as benefits for the pencil’s user.

I wonder if this was what the process was like when Sharpie was building its latest “Uncap what’s inside” campaign.

First, I saw this ad in a magazine. A shark is drawn on the side of a fishbowl (presumably with a Sharpie) and looks about ready to attack the bowl’s resident goldfish.

Then, I saw a Sharpie commercial from the same campaign that starts by asking:

What if the passion of a Sharpie marker came in a pen?

This ad shows a series of fun doodles on post-it notes made by a guy to document the things he loves about his lady. At the end of the commercials, the guy arranges the post-its so they spell, “Will you marry me?”

I’m not very romantic, but I love this commercial…and the whole campaign. It’s fun, bright, different… and definitely a creative way to sell a boring product like a pen.

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