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Please be our friend

Sometimes when I see a magazine ad or a TV commercial, I like to imagine the brainstorming session at the ad agency where the concept was born.

Take this ad for Glade’s limited edition “Sparkle of Spring” fragrance. There’s an executive from Glade who says, “Hey. Social media is really cool right now.  Let’s incorporate it into the ad so people perceive our company as really cool and cutting edge. What? Social media has nothing to do with the product and doesn’t tie into the visual at all? So what. People will think we’re cool.

And the copy is born:

“If all the season were into social networking, bet spring would have more “likes” on her updates.”

I love the visual and the packaging design. It’s bright, fun and different than the pastel shades and traditional flowery images that I associate with air fresheners. But the copy definitely leaves something to be desired.


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You know you’re a true man if your armpits smell like a mountain

It’s the job of a copywriter to sell an audience on a product’s features. So how do you advertise a product that you rub on your pits to prevent you from stinking so bad your friends pass out in your presence? And how do you do it in a way that appeals to men?

You can use fear: No one will like you if you stink. Use our deodorant.

You can use sex: Using our deodorant will make you ridiculously attractive to the opposite sex (or the same sex, if that’s your cup of tea).

Or you can compare armpits to a “successful mountain,” like Old Spice does in this spot for their latest deodorant fragrance, Matterhorn.

The story line? A guy is awesome at everything he does in life while his lady friend fawns over his awesomeness. In the background, the announcer says:

“Is winning a habit you can’t seem to quit? Is failure the one game you refuse to win? Is handsomeness a burden your face has to live with everyday? Then your armpits are ready for the fresh new scent of Old Spice Matterhorn. A triumphantly fresh scent that smells like the world’s most successful mountain.”

The commercial ends with a hero shot of a bunch of sticks of deodorant and the tagline, “Old Spice: Where freshness smells come from.”

You know a man is successful in life if his armpits smell like a mountain. Makes sense to me.

This commercial is silly and ridiculous. But in general, the brand is known for its silly ridiculousness. I giggle every time my boyfriend buys a new Old Spice deodorant with a funny name like “Swagger” or “Smooth Blast.” Quite a difference from women’s deodorants that are given pretty names like “Powder Fresh” and “Spring Breeze” But for this product and this demographic, I think the silly approach works.

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Stay Cool With Prius

Prius Ventilation

I don’t know if I’ve told you or not, but I love the commercials for the third generation Toyota Prius. And now Toyota has launched some experiential marketing efforts in my little town of Chicago to make sure Prius becomes a household name.

For one, riders at select bus shelters can keep cool while waiting for their ride thanks to Prius’ solar ventilation technology. To entice people to come into the shelter and experience the technology, a sign outside the shelter reads:

Solar powered ventilation

Step inside to experience it.

And the sign on the inside of the shelter read:

To experience Solar powered ventilation, wave hand in front of sensor.”

The Prius bus shelters have been retrofitted with solar panels and fans that circulate air within the shelter to keep folks cool. Apparently, this cooling experience mimics the Solar Powered Ventilation System available in the 3rd generation Prius.

I think this is a fun idea and a great way to get people to interact with your brand. Way to go (again), Prius!

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Blast from the Past Fridays

Remember the series of commercials where Barney Rubble is constantly disguising himself as characters like Santa Clause, a detective or a rap singer in order to trick Fred Flinstone into handing over his Fruity/Cocoa Pebbles? Gotta love it.

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