No shirt? No problem!

Perfume and cologne companies are notorious for using scantily clad women in their advertisements. And now it seems jeans companies are catching on. At least that’s the case for Joe’s Jeans.

This magazine ad for the brand’s skinny micro flare jeans features two emaciated women hanging out in the guy’s bathroom (you can see a row of urinals in the mirror). One is perched cross-legged on top of a sink….topless. The other looks like she’s on her way to do the same. There’s no headline. No body copy. Nothing to explain to me why these ladies are chilling in the guy’s bathroom half naked.

I’ve never seen an ad for Joe’s before, but a quick Google search showed that the brand is no stranger to the provocative. Imagine driving to work and seeing this giant butt everyday.

Or how about this gal who’s going for a swing sans shirt?

I don’t know. This just doesn’t make me want to go out and buy a pair of Joe’s jeans. How about you?



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2 responses to “No shirt? No problem!

  1. Fashionaws

    Thanks For Sharing, Nice post…….

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