Markers are Romantic

When I worked at an ad agency, we did a warm-up exercise during a meeting where we had to think of as many different features of a simple #2 pencil as we could during a set time period. Then, we had to think of how those features served as benefits for the pencil’s user.

I wonder if this was what the process was like when Sharpie was building its latest “Uncap what’s inside” campaign.

First, I saw this ad in a magazine. A shark is drawn on the side of a fishbowl (presumably with a Sharpie) and looks about ready to attack the bowl’s resident goldfish.

Then, I saw a Sharpie commercial from the same campaign that starts by asking:

What if the passion of a Sharpie marker came in a pen?

This ad shows a series of fun doodles on post-it notes made by a guy to document the things he loves about his lady. At the end of the commercials, the guy arranges the post-its so they spell, “Will you marry me?”

I’m not very romantic, but I love this commercial…and the whole campaign. It’s fun, bright, different… and definitely a creative way to sell a boring product like a pen.


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