Hip Hamsters

Just about every car commercial is the same. First, you see a shiny car driving around a city or a highway. At the end, there’s a hero shot of the car. Insert car brand and tagline here.

Well, Kia–along with their ad agency David&Goliath–has apparently decided that it’s time to do something different…by creating a commercial for the Kia Soul that features a bunch of rodents.

Yep, rodents. More specifically, hamsters.

In the streets of a city, “lame” hamsters are spinning around in hamster wheels while hip hamsters are rapping, looking cool and riding around in a Kia Soul.

Why hamsters? If you know, please tell me.

Every time I see this commercial, I want to bang my head against the wall. I’m amazed that someone came up with this concept, and even more amazed that so many people signed off on it.

Give me a generic car commercial over this anyday.


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