Pom Not So Wonderful

When I was in high school, my best friend got a t-shirt in exchange for donating blood. The shirt had a cartoon bag of blood hanging out on a chair at the beach. As someone who is queasy about blood (although I’m the daughter of two healthcare professionals—go figure), I got a little light headed each time she wore that shirt. Sometimes, I’d even dry heave. I can’t explain it. The blood bag just grossed me out.

I admit it. I’m a wiener when it comes to blood. And I didn’t think there was much that could gross me out like the idea of a bag of blood hanging out at the beach. That is, until I saw this ad for Pom Wonderful juice at the bus stop.

Yup, that’s a bottle of Pom Pomegranate juice posing as a blood bag. Just like a blood bag delivers life saving hemoglobin to patients in need, the bottle of Pom is delivering important antioxidants to anyone who decides to drink it.

Okay okay. I get it. Pomegranate juice is a super food and will make me super healthy if I drink it. But ick! This ad is disgusting!

I thought maybe Pom decided this would be a good ad concept because of the boom in vampire popularity. But a Google search told me that these ads have been around for years now—I’m just now seeing them for the first time. And with any luck, they won’t be around much longer…causing me to dry heave each time I wait for my bus.


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