Three Ply Toilet Paper and Ice Cream…A Few of my Favorite Things

Toilet paper is one of those awkward products that is kind of difficult to advertise.

You can be like Cottonelle and come up with a tagline that tells it like it is:

“Be kind to your behind.”

Be sure to include fluffy puppies for the highest impact.

Or you can mimic Charmin and be sure to include lots of soft, cuddly bears in your ads (often found with toilet paper stuck to their butts).

Or, you can always make like Quilted Northern and compare 3-ply toilet paper to ice cream, like in this ad from Woman’s Day.

Apologies for the crap-tacular (no pun intended) scan.

The image? Two delicious bowls of ice cream with three scoops per bowl.

The headline? Even as a kid, you knew there was more than two.

This ad leaves me saying, “huh?”

Maybe it’s because I used to work in an advertising agency, but I always find myself imagining the brainstorming session where ad concepts are born. And this one? I can’t help wondering what the heck they were thinking. Ice cream and toilet paper? Really?

I get it. You can never have too much ice cream. And, apparently, you can never have too many layers in your toilet paper. Still, the ad is weird.

Dear Charmin,

That would be great if you never put ice cream and toilet paper in the same ad ever again. Toilet paper should not remind me of ice cream, or vice versa.





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2 responses to “Three Ply Toilet Paper and Ice Cream…A Few of my Favorite Things

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