Meet Jim

Today was a lovely day. Why? Because today was the day my new dishwasher arrived.

Hello new dishwasher.

I think I’ll call him Jim.

What, you might be asking, does a new dishwasher have to do with advertising?

Well, the installers placed this little bundle of joy on the counter above my shiny new toy.

It’s a container of Jet-Dry, a couple free samples of Finish (the “new name for Electrasol”) Quantum dishwasher tablets and a booklet of literature and coupons about the products.

You see, some boys try to woo girls with flowers. Jim, my new dishwasher, is trying to woo me with cleaning products.

Finish touts the fact that their products are “Recommended by more dishwasher brands.” By giving their products out to new washing machine owners, the company is letting consumers judge for themselves.

I’m always a fan of product samplings…and really, it’s a win-win situation. Brands get their products in front of consumers. And consumers get free stuff. To thank Finish for their generosity, I will go out and buy their products to feed to my new dishwasher. One win for Finish. One win for Jim. One win for Faith.


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One response to “Meet Jim

  1. IH

    Jim is a lucky dishwasher.

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