Thank You For Riding the CTA

Folks in Chicago have a love/hate relationship with our transit system, the CTA. So many people depend on it to shuttle them to and from work and play at all hours of the day. But those same people groan when the bus is a few minutes late, they couldn’t get a seat on the train this morning or the fares are being raised.

Recently, though, the CTA did something right. And that something just arrived in my mailbox.

I ordered a new CTA card when mine cracked in half. I expected the card to arrive in a boring manila envelope. Instead, it arrived in a white, square envelope. Instead the envelope was a wallet-shaped brochure.

When I opened the “wallet,” I saw my new CTA card tucked away in one of the card slots.

When I opened the wallet, there was lots of information about the terms and conditions of my new card.

This is one of my favorite recent mail pieces. For a company that isn’t exactly known for its creativity, I say, “Way to go, CTA.”


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