You know you’re a true man if your armpits smell like a mountain

It’s the job of a copywriter to sell an audience on a product’s features. So how do you advertise a product that you rub on your pits to prevent you from stinking so bad your friends pass out in your presence? And how do you do it in a way that appeals to men?

You can use fear: No one will like you if you stink. Use our deodorant.

You can use sex: Using our deodorant will make you ridiculously attractive to the opposite sex (or the same sex, if that’s your cup of tea).

Or you can compare armpits to a “successful mountain,” like Old Spice does in this spot for their latest deodorant fragrance, Matterhorn.

The story line? A guy is awesome at everything he does in life while his lady friend fawns over his awesomeness. In the background, the announcer says:

“Is winning a habit you can’t seem to quit? Is failure the one game you refuse to win? Is handsomeness a burden your face has to live with everyday? Then your armpits are ready for the fresh new scent of Old Spice Matterhorn. A triumphantly fresh scent that smells like the world’s most successful mountain.”

The commercial ends with a hero shot of a bunch of sticks of deodorant and the tagline, “Old Spice: Where freshness smells come from.”

You know a man is successful in life if his armpits smell like a mountain. Makes sense to me.

This commercial is silly and ridiculous. But in general, the brand is known for its silly ridiculousness. I giggle every time my boyfriend buys a new Old Spice deodorant with a funny name like “Swagger” or “Smooth Blast.” Quite a difference from women’s deodorants that are given pretty names like “Powder Fresh” and “Spring Breeze” But for this product and this demographic, I think the silly approach works.


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