Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

If you’re like me, you waited patiently all summer to find out what would happen next on Desperate Housewives. In fact, while everyone else was enjoying time at the pool and beach, I was losing sleep wondering whether Mike would end up with Susan or Katherine.

And when the season premiere aired a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t disappointed by the plot. I was, however, a little disappointed by the commercials…particularly one for a little phone company called Sprint.

Since the birth of television, companies have been willing to try just about everything to make sure you pay attention to their commercials. And now, with widespread use of DVR’s, advertisers are forced to be even more creative…especially when it comes to commercials that air during expensive prime time spots. Sprint’s creative solution? Create a commercial that looks like the show.

So, Sprint has produced a series of commercials in the style of Desperate Housewives. In fact, the spots were even written by Desperate Housewives writers.

“It’s very Desperate Housewives, says Executive Producer Sabrina Wind. “It was shot on our set, with our crew and written by our writers.”

The eight 35-second commercials will be a kind of “mini soap opera.” Though the actual housewives aren’t featured in any of the ads (I’m assuming they’re too expensive), the commercials do feature a voice-over style similar to the show, along with characters that are awfully similar in looks and personality to the show’s characters. As a bonus, the actors from Sprint’s mini soap opera will even appear as background actors in concurrent Housewife episodes…how’s that for “product” placement?

My first impression was that these commercials are just like the cheesy Taster’s Choice spots that were on in the 80’s…only a little racier (the plot line of the Sprint commercials involves cheating and infidelity).

And though I watched the first commercial because I’m a commercial addict, I don’t think they’re interesting enough to stop me from going to get a snack from the kitchen while they’re playing.

Are these Sprint mini-sodes effective? Maybe. Cheesy? Definitely.


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