For Your Viewing Pleasure

When I descend the stairs to one of the many subway stations in Chicago, there are certain things I’ve come to expect. The smell of urine? Check. A rat crossing the train tracks? Check. But a flat screen TV? Not so much. Not until now, that is.

OK, OK…they’re not flat screen TVs that everyone in the station crowds around to watch the latest episode of True Blood as they await the arrival of the next train. But they’re still pretty entertaining.  The screens, now installed at a number of high traffic train stations, flash news headlines, weather forecasts, CTA news and, of course, advertisements. While I was waiting for my train, I saw advertisements for Cricket Communications and some new movie.


(Please pardon the crappy cell phone picture.)

Unlike the big screen advertisement at the cell phone lot at O’Hare , these screens allow for moving advertisements rather than static images which makes things a little more interesting. But none of the ads had sound.

I like these TV’s. They give CTA customers a chance to quickly catch up on news headlines and know whether or not it’s going to rain…and the screens give the ever-in-debt CTA a new flow of advertising revenue. Plus, since they don’t have any sound, they don’t become too obnoxious. I just hope the screens, like the other ads in Chicago’s subway stations, don’t end up getting trashed.


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