Candy Corn and Tanning Beds



How do you describe that perfect shade of mustardy yellow that you want to paint the kitchen of your brand new condo? In the newest ads for their Ben line of paint, home décor expert Benjamin Moore has the perfect description. It’s one part tanning booth addict and one part candy corn center mixed together to create a hue that’s just right for you.

This series of ads created by ad agency Cramer-Krasselt perfectly captures the emotion behind your feelings about a certain color…the word, memory or inspiration that makes you love a particular shade. Maybe you want to paint the guest bedroom purple because it reminds you of the popsicles your mom gave you when you were a kid. Or maybe you want a pink bathroom because your husband took you to see the flamingos at the zoo for your first date. Whatever the reason behind your love for chartreuse, Benjamin Moore, like Rona, does a good job of making paint fun and conveying how a color can be more than just a color.

In addition to these print ads, Benjamin Moore has also build a section onto their existing website to give details about the Ben line of paint including information about the eco-friendliness of the line. It’s clean and fun and does a nice job conveying that inspiration for colors can come from anywhere, but like the print ads, it doesn’t stray from the 100+ year old Benjamin Moore brand.

With its bright, bold colors, the Ben line of paint seems to target a younger demographic…maybe someone buying their first apartment or house. But the thing I appreciate is that Benjamin Moore doesn’t try hard to be cool to reach this intended audience. So many times, companies try so hard to be young and hip that they come across as cheesy and insincere. But these ads are effortlessly fun yet true to the classic Benjamin Moore brand.

As a copywriter, I love that the words are the star in these ads. Combine that with a fun type treatment and lots of bold color, and this is definitely a campaign that I adore (and one that would make me want to go check out the Ben line of paint). Though I’ve seen some reviews that have opined that these ads are cluttered, I don’t agree. Sure there are a lot of words (a copywriter’s dream), but with the bright colors, a consumer could get the point of the ad even without a thorough read.

I really love this campaign, and I’m curious to see if they take it anywhere else…TV, billboards or interactive. It would definitely be interesting to see how Benjamin Moore could translate such a fun concept to other media.


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