Fly the Naked Skies

Who hasn’t bought a plane ticket that was supposed to be $200 just to find that after taxes and all the extra fees, it was closer to $300? Well, Air New Zealand claims their airline is different.

To take a swipe at competing airlines and prove that their company has “nothing to hide,” Air New Zealand asked its employees to bare it all. In this :45 second spot, friendly flight crew members wearing nothing but body paint crafted to look like uniforms catch the attention of passengers throughout the airport and on the airplane. Strategically placed props like suitcases and refreshment carts make the commercial suggestive but not yet R-rated.

The extremely fit folks in this spot look like models. But CNN reports that the stars are actual Air New Zealand employees. And buff CEO Rob Fyfe even makes a cameo as a baggage handler.

The voiceover reads:

“At Air New Zealand, our fares have nothing to hide. Which is why the price you pay includes everything—upfront.”

Piggybacking off this commercial that launched about six weeks ago, Air New Zealand has also created a safety video called the “Bare Essentials of Safety from Air New Zealand” that features the same body-paint clad airline crew. Maybe now people will actually pay attention to the safety specifics instead of making last minute calls or nodding off before takeoff.

Air New Zealand is no stranger to edgy marketing. Last year, the airline paid people to shave their heads and wear temporary tattoos that read:

“Need a change? Head down to New Zealand.”

And they’ve done it again with this campaign.

There’s no denying that this commercial has the makings of a buzz-worthy ad that has truly “gone viral.” The last time I checked, this video had 2.3 million views on YouTube. And the number will only keep rising. This commercial certainly grabbed my attention. And a search on google for “Air New Zealand” proves that it’s certainly gotten people talking. But I can’t help thinking it may turn off some of their current, more conservative customers. And will it really make more people fly the New Zealand skies at a time when the number of booked flights continues to fall? We’ll have to wait and see.


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