Sometimes It’s Easy (and Beautiful) Being Green

Earlier this month, Saatchi & Saatchi LA launched a campaign to introduce the third generation Toyota Prius. The whimsical commercial features a new Prius driving around the world while pulling the sun in its wake. In the background, nature is in perfect harmony with happy clouds, fields and flowers everywhere. The background music is a happy-go-lucky tune that I find myself humming for hours after seeing the commercial. The tagline of this beautiful campaign is: “Harmony between man, nature and machine.”

In addition this TV spot, it looks like Toyota is set to launch some experiential marketing tactics in half a dozen cities this summer. For one, Toyota will be placing oversized solar flower sculptures in populated areas like public parks. These sculptures will provide free wi-fi and will serve as a place to relax and recharge both minds and electronic devices like phones and computers.

Toyota will also install solar ventilation in bus shelters across the country. This will allow consumers to interact with the brand firsthand as they experience how the solar panels of Prius’ solar roof are designed to help cool the parked vehicle. As a bonus, hot, sweaty bus riders will have a cool, comfortable place to chill out and wait for the bus on a steamy summer day. Customers can express their gratitude to Toyota by investing in a shiny new Prius.

Finally, California residents will be able to enjoy Prius “living” billboards alongside major highways made of live flowers.

I love the Prius spot because it’s different from other car commercials. For one, it doesn’t feature hero shots of the car driving off road on rough terrain like the mountains or the desert. And second, it taps more into the sensations, feelings and emotions of buying an eco-friendly vehicle instead of features like a horsepower and 4-wheel drive. But it’s still sure to include some of the most important features of driving a Prius.  

“It gives the world fewer smog-forming emissions. And it gives you a 50 mile per gallon rating.”

It’s the best of both worlds. Toyota has struck the balance between the needs of man and the needs of nature. They have, if you will, achieved “harmony between man, nature and machine.”

I know that a plethora of companies are making green claims right now to increase sales, and I really don’t have any hard facts about why a Prius is so great for the environment. Also, and as a city dweller, I know that riding my bike or taking public transporation is even better for the environment than a Prius. In other words, I have no intentions of running out to buy a third generation Prius. But this commercial is beautifully done. Every time I see it, I take notice. And I can’t help but feel laid back, relaxed and happy.  Just like the earth would feel if everyone traded in their Hummers and Escalades for a Prius.



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6 responses to “Sometimes It’s Easy (and Beautiful) Being Green

  1. Chris Tiernan

    Who sings the music – and does the music have a title? I love it and it is driving me crazy!

  2. Advertising in the City

    It looks like the artist is Petra Haden. Not sure the titles of the tracks.

  3. Judy Knox

    This are the best commercials in a long time.
    How are they made. I had to watch several times to see all of the people. Is it computer generated or what?

  4. Advertising in the City

    Hi Judy,

    I love these commercials too. And I found a video about the making of the commercials that you might find interesting. It looks like it literally took hundreds of people to film:

  5. Tory

    Hello to all,

    I was part of the ad, made in New Zealand.

    it was a long but awesome experience. There was over a hundred of us.
    So many costume changes, waiting and repeating.

    We all made new friends and Id do it again.

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