Would You Like a Skim Latte With That?


Caffeine addicts now have another choice when it comes to buying pick me ups like mochas, lattes and espressos. McDonald’s has recently launched McCafés in around 11,000 of their restaurants to provide customers the quality of a gourmet coffeehouse with the convenience and price of McDonald’s. To get the espresso machine whistling and the McCashRegister ringing, McDonald’s agency, DDB/Chicago has launched a multi-media campaign that, according to AdAge, cost the restaurant nearly $100 million across TV, print, radio, outdoor, internet, events, PR and sampling.

The recently launched television spots play off the accent mark in McCafé to put an accent on everyday words. An ordinary commute to work becomes a commuté. A coworker delivering a McDonald’s coffee transforms your cubicle into a cubiclé. The slogan of the campaign? “McCafé Your Day.”

The message? McDonald’s new coffee beverages are high end enough to make even the most ordinary situation a little more fancy and fun. But who is the target audience for McCafé’s beverages? Is it McDonald’s core customers who care very little about the fancy? Or is the chain attempting to grab customers away from other coffee giants like Starbuck’s and Dunkin’ Donuts?

The spots start off cutesy, but by the time the announcer says, “A better day is possiblé,” I’m ready to throw something at my TV. Don’t get me wrong. I actually do enjoy McDonald’s iced coffees. And the McCafé spots are certainly hard to miss. But they’re hard to miss because they’re lame. Or, if you prefer, lamé.


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