Quaker Oats Make You Fly

quaker_jet_pack1After much anticipation, I’ve finally seen the follow-up spots to the Quaker Oats “Go Humans Go” teaser ads. In print, the ads feature a business man blasting off with the help of a jet pack. And the jet pack is powered by two tubs of the traditional Quaker oatmeal.

The TV ads feature the same professional man getting ready for work. After the man’s wife helps him strap on his Quaker Oats-powered jet pack, he blasts off into the sky and is joined by other folks flying to work. The announcer in the commercial states, “The power of Quaker is in everything we make.”

The “Go Humans Go” tagline appears in both print and TV.

I get it. Quaker Oats products have the power to fuel you through your day. But the ads are goofy…and not in a good way. I’m a little disappointed in Quaker. If a company is going to do a teaser campaign, the follow up ads have got to “go big or go home” in order to succeed. I’d say this is more along the lines of “go home.” Quaker Oats, I can’t say it was worth the wait.


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