Go Humans Go


A couple days ago, I was walking to work when I noticed a very simple bus-side ad that read:

“Go Humans Go”

Next to the headline was the iconic Quaker Oat man. And that’s it. Just a simple headline and a highly recognized (and somewhat creepy, if you ask me) symbol of an America brand.

Over the next couple days, I saw the same advertisement on a cab and a billboard. Then I saw a digital ad from the same campaign on the monitors in my office elevators. At the beginning of the ad, you see a bunch of people strategically placed to form letters. As the camera zooms out, you see that the people are spelling out that same unusual line:

“Go Humans Go”

Finally, the humans disperse in different directions like ants sprayed with Raid. And viewers are left with a large image of Mr. Quaker.

I’m going to be honest here. I don’t understand the ad. First of all, who uses the word “human” when describing people? It seems a little cold, disconnected and impersonal. And second, is “Go Humans Go” a new tagline for Quaker, or is it a teaser for something else to come? A visit to the company’s website offered no insight. I supposed we’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.



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3 responses to “Go Humans Go

  1. Was this post here three days ago? Huh, I guess that I missed it.

  2. “Go Humans Go” is referring to the high fiber content of the Quaker products.

  3. gangbox

    You see, William Penn is an alien – and he wants us to eat our oatmeal, every day!

    That ad is so aggressively stupid it makes me never want to eat their lousy cereal again!

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